• Life Insurance: Not Just for the Older Guys

    With unique needs and priorities, young Knights and their families also need protection JOIN

  • Caring for Our Own

    A measure of security comes with our fraternity JOIN

  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before Talking to Your Insurance Agent

    Meeting with a Brother Knight puts your mind at ease. JOIN

  • Why Do We Offer Insurance?

    It was at the heart of the Knights of Columbus from the beginning in 1882  JOIN

Protect Your Family

Men have a special responsibility to protect their loved ones and provide for the future. As a Knight, you have special access to exclusive resources to help you plan for and achieve financial peace of mind.

The Duty to Protect

As a Catholic man, you have a responsibility to protect and provide for your loved ones. As a member of the Knights of Columbus, you have access to exclusive resources to help you do just that. Our top-quality financial products, backed by our ethical and Catholic business practices, can help you secure your family’s future and give you peace of mind.


Your Financial Toolbox

Insurance 101 to prepare for life’s uncertainties.


The Catholic Difference

A business model based on shared faith, vision and values.


Find an Agent

Your professional Knights of Columbus agent is a brother Knight who shares your faith and understands your priorities. After getting to know you and your needs, he will recommend a financial solution that puts you and your family first. Discover the peace of mind that comes with meeting with a trusted brother Knight by making an appointment today.



The Protect Library

You are invited to explore the many resources the Knights of Columbus provides for learning about your financial options and securing your future, with your faith and family in mind.