• Days of Prayer and Awareness

    Join with Brother Knights to help persecuted Christians JOIN

  • Your Family's Vocation

    A sure-fire formula for more priests and nuns JOIN

  • Columbus and Fake History

    The Order's patron is often misrepresented. JOIN

  • Windows to the Womb

    Windows to the Womb

    By placing ultrasounds in pregnancy centers, Knights help save lives. JOIN

  • Marriage and Family

    Marriage and Family

    Knights strengthen sacred unions that are given by God for the good of all. JOIN

  • Our First Freedom

    Our First Freedom

    From its inception, the Knights of Columbus has defended religious liberty. JOIN

Defend Your Values

Values which once formed the foundation of our culture are being undermined, and a secular mindset is moving through education, science, politics and art. It is time to take a stand and unite our voices for the common good.

the duty to Defend

Knights are called to defend the vulnerable, our religious rights, and our communities. It is our duty as Catholic men to stand up for the values that support the common good and form our culture. With the Order’s experience and the commitment of 1.9 million members, we seek to make a positive difference.



As the world's largest Catholic fraternal organization, the Knights of Columbus supports issues related to faith and the common good, especially in the areas of culture of life, marriage and family, religious freedom, and being the strong right arm of the Church.


Defending Life, Liberty and Truth

Learn more about how the Knights of Columbus amplifies your voice for the good of the Church, your country and the culture by defending the timeless values based on faith, family and freedom. Together as Knights, we can help preserve what is good and true in our society.